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The quality management software for the aerospace industry

The success of CASQ‑it in the aviation and aerospace industry is due to the unprecedented level of detail it delivers. It enables each component to be traced from the supplier right through to the shipping of the final product and thus ensures the seamless documentation of all processes.

Traceability with the CAQ Software CASQ-it

CASQ‑it carries out even the most complex error tracking tasks at the press of a button. Behind it lies a sophisticated traceability concept that rigorously captures all quality data and records this in the desired format. The system creates transparency at every production step, including through serial number and batch tracking, and thus provides you with a secure paper trail. Efficient project planning, FMEA, and a powerful inspection planning system with integrated CAD import support provides demonstrably secure processes, even in the development phase, and will save you additional costs. CASQ‑it begins its dynamic checking process with your suppliers, based on previously documented key figures. Subsequently, statistical process control and/or interim tests ensure error-free production. The efficient complaint management system provides fast and reliable response tracking in the event of a complaint.


  • Extremely fast inspection planning with CAD import support with automatic drawing numbering.
  • Integrated supplier data and evaluation system.
  • Incoming goods inspection, sampling, PPAP and approvals directly from the supplier.
  • Serial number and batch tracking.
  • Quality documentation with individual, company-specific approval certificates.
  • Rigorous quality assurance with systematic error prevention strategies starting in the development phase.
  • Management information system: company-wide quality management information system with drill-down analyses.
  • Comprehensive quality reports at the click of a mouse or fully automatically.
  • Adjustable warning systems: immediate notification when a preset limit is exceeded.
  • Complaint and error tracking with built-in escalation management.


CASQ‑it supports your processes and complies with

  • ISO 9001
  • SAE AS 9100 / 9110 / 9120
  • JISQ 9100
  • EN 9100 ff.

Modules for aerospace

All CASQ‑it modules which are successfully used in the aerospace industry can be found in the column on the left.