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The quality management software for the automotive engineering industry

Companies in the automotive engineering industry rely on CASQ‑it. CASQ‑it creates transparency throughout the value creation chain from development to approval and material procurement through to shipping. It ensures each component is traceable from the supplier to goods issue and thus provides a complete documentation of all processes.


Process optimization with the CAQ Software CASQ-it

CASQ‑it accompanies all processes, from release to procurement and from production to delivery. All operations are seamlessly monitored both with and without intermediate inspections. In this way CASQ‑it provides consistently documented quality. Integrated delivery and acceptance certificates provide the proof required by your customers. Powerful analytical tools, such as defect focus and cost analyses, as well as production and supply quality data provide compressed information allowing potential savings to be identified. The goal: consistent process optimization and systematic error prevention. CASQ‑it establishes a quality management system that supports you efficiently in meeting the regulations in the automotive industry.


  • Extremely fast inspection planning with CAD import support with automatic drawing numbering.
  • Integrated supplier data and evaluation system.
  • Incoming inspection, sampling, and PPAP directly from the supplier.
  • Serial number and batch tracking.
  • Quality documentation with individual, company-specific approval certificates.
  • Rigorous quality assurance with systematic error prevention strategies starting in the development phase.
  • Management information system: company-wide quality management information system with drill-down analyses.
  • Comprehensive quality reports at the click of a mouse or fully automatically.
  • Complaint and error tracking with built-in escalation management.


CASQ‑it supports your processes and complies with

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO/TS 16949

as well as the national standards

  • VDA
  • QDX
  • AVSQ
  • EAQF

Modules for the automotive engineering industry

All CASQ‑it modules that are used successfully in the automotive engineering industry can be found in the column on the left.