Material Process: Systematically Increase Procurement, Production and Delivery Quality

How ever careful the planning in the development process, the risk of external errors creeping in the material process still remains. Non-conforming deliveries by suppliers or by a specific department of a company might cause high follow-up costs in spite of an optimal planning.

Source for Quality Assurance

The early detection and elimination of failures minimize failure costs and provide quality.
CASQ‑it systematically monitors procurement, production and shipping and turns the material process into the source for highest quality assurance.

The CASQ‑it Incoming Goods Inspection monitors the procurement process and supports the purchasing department in the selection of the best supplier.
The production monitoring already uses process information from the last orders in the production planning, thus preventing potential failures for the current orders.

Inspections ensure production quality. The module Intermediate Inspection has been especially designed for the evaluation of batches in the job and batch production. The quality control in the series and mass production, however, is performed by means of statistical methods by controlling the production processes via specific sampling inspections. In the end, certificates in compliance with the current standards document the result: the quality of the product.