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The quality management software for plant and mechanical engineering

CASQ‑it is the first choice for a growing number of plant, machinery and equipment engineering companies because the clear structure of the CAQ system is suitable for even the most complex products, and thereby creates total transparency. Clear process structures, complete documentation and detailed performance data management lead to greater profitability.

Consistency with the CAQ Software CASQ-it

CASQ‑it improves efficiency in your company’s processes leading to improved cost effectiveness. The high-performance project management system, standards-compliant (machine) FMEA and central inspection planning with integrated CAD import support shorten the product and process development phase and minimize error and rejection rates in production. CASQ‑it provides you with continuous documentation and traceability in all production steps - including serial number and batch tracking and delivery and approval certificates. CASQ‑it ensures process and product quality that is verifiable at all times - especially in processes with advanced levels of automation and highly complex structures. And should you receive a complaint, CASQ‑it supports you with a sophisticated complaint management system which coordinates remedial actions and speeds up communication with customers and suppliers.


At the same time, CASQ‑it is your compact Management Information System: Trends over time, focus analysis and notification when limits are exceeded reveal process weaknesses and potential savings. CASQ‑it supports and manages your processes and complies with ISO 9001 throughout the entire value creation chain.


  • Extremely fast inspection planning with CAD import support with automatic drawing numbering.
  • Integrated supplier data and evaluation system.
  • Incoming goods inspection, sampling, PPAP and approvals - also directly from the supplier.
  • Serial number and batch tracking.
  • Quality documentation with individual, company-specific acceptance certificates.
  • Rigorous quality assurance with systematic error prevention strategies starting in the development phase.
  • Management information system: company-wide quality management information system with drill-down analyses.
  • Comprehensive quality reports at the click of a mouse or fully automatically.
  • Complaint and error tracking with built-in escalation management.

Modules for the plant, machinery and equipment engineering industry

All CASQ‑it modules which are successfully used in the plant, machinery and equipment industry can be found in the column on the left.