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The quality management software for precision engineering

The absolute process reliability that companies using CASQ‑it achieve makes CASQ‑it essential for the precision engineering industry. These powerful tools deliver the performance data necessary to ensure the highest levels of precision and reliability at every process stage.

Zero defect strategy with the CAQ Software CASQ-it

CASQ‑it supports the implementation of a zero defect strategy, especially in critical detail functions and when faced with the most demanding customer requirements. CASQ‑it accompanies your products from the product development phase. Process weaknesses are identified early on and remedied immediately by the systematic error prevention system. As soon as goods are received, the supplier management and performance data system comprehensively and reliably assesses all suppliers. CASQ‑it monitors the individual steps in the production process and ensures compliance with even the tightest tolerances. CASQ‑it adjusts flexibly to meet your production requirements from random checks in small-scale production processes through to quality control in series and mass production processes. CASQ‑it documents the quality of your delivery with the appropriate certificates.


  • Integrated supplier data and evaluation system.
  • Quality documentation with individual, company-specific approval certificates.
  • Rigorous quality assurance with systematic error prevention strategies starting in the development phase.
  • Management information system: company-wide quality management information system with drill-down analyses.
  • Comprehensive quality reports at the click of a mouse or fully automatically.
  • Adjustable warning systems: immediate notification when a preset limit is exceeded.
  • Complaint and error tracking with built-in escalation management.

Module for Precision Engineering

All CASQ‑it modules which are successfully used in the precision engineering industry can be found in the column on the left.