Development Process: Avoid Possible Defects Right from the Beginning

Product life cycles are getting shorter and shorter – thus also the development cycles for new products.
Errors occurring here and being passed on to production without being noticed cause high follow-up costs: not only the actual product, but also the production process – including all operations and tools – is designed during the development process.

Potential for Quality Assurance

Systematic prevention of errors in the development process inevitably results in production processes with only few errors and thus in quality products. Thanks to CASQ‑it, the development process has the potential for highest quality assurance. Via its project management tool, CASQ‑it controls the development process.

Failures modes and risks are systematically being analyzed and prevented. The monitoring planning including the entire company process already starts with the supplier. Test plans for raw and auxiliary materials monitor each operation by considering the available test equipment and result in the production part approval.