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Térésa Nüsse

Tel. +49 2339 9182-214

Batch and Intermediate Inspection

CASQ‑it BII secures and monitors the quality of in-house production and outsourcing in the batch-oriented production as well as in the batch and job production.

CASQ‑it BII is used for selective acquisition, improvement and documentation of the product quality. Dynamic samplings switch to tightened inspection when critical problems arise or to reduced inspection if a consistently high quality is achieved.

CASQ‑it BII measurably increases the throughput of inspections: all required information like inspection results, complaints/non-conformances or inspection documents are displayed during the inspection.

Highlights Batch and Intermediate Inspection

  • Fast quality control plan input with tabular support
  • CAD import with stamps
  • Random sample tables for dynamisation
  • Supplier-dependent or finite special agreements
  • Inclusion of drawings, photographs and films
  • Supplier rating in accordance with VDA 2 and own criteria
  • Flexible supplier performance measurement system
  • Supplier approval automatically checked in case of an extended work bench
  • Direct quality control job history access during the quality control process
  • And direct 
mouse-click access to CASQ it RuF complaints
  • Feature-dependent document display
  • Automatic plausibility check
  • Automatic complaint generation
  • Automatic blocking and approval label generation
  • Repair control incl. reworking and repeated repairs
  • Stoppage and resumption of quality control jobs
  • Online display error rate, histogram for every feature
  • Insertion of error documents during the quality control process
  • Quality control records, certificates, quality control certificates 
(DIN EN 10204)
  • Departmental / supplier performance indicators
  • Department / supplier comparison
  • Diagrammed detailed and general analysis
  • Dynamic inspection chart
  • Histograms
  • Hierarchical data analysis
  • ABC analysis
  • ppm analyses