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Térésa Nüsse

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Complaint Management and Error Analysis · Defect Management

CASQ‑it CMEA controls the recording and tracking of all complaints in the company: supplier non-conformances, customer and internal complaints. CMEA initiates containment actions for immediate troubleshooting and launches corrective actions in order to prevent future defects. The goal is to remove defects with quick response times, to accelerate the information flow and to increase the customer satisfaction. The integrated reporting including 4D, 8D and G8D reports is able to provide information at any time.

Highlights Complaint Management and Error Analysis

  • Structured complaint registration
  • Complaints received by areas; supplier, customer and internal
  • Own complaint areas definable
  • Independently adaptable complaint masks interfaces
  • Repeat complaints indicated during receipt
  • Use of similar complaints
  • Import of complaints from CASQ it modules
  • Definition of emergency and corrective measures
  • Measures assigned to staff, departments, teams, cost centres
  • Direct access from measure to complaint
  • Looped measure repeats
  • Complaint tracking by complaint levels with direct access to complaint processing
  • Complaint tracking by individualised workflow with CASQ it QWM
  • Hierarchic workflow linking
  • Optimised workflow through automatic job assignment to the 
 next department etc.
  • Integration of the  8D process
  • Measures at a glance incl. average processing time
  • Pareto analyses by your criteria (article, customer, supplier, cause, error etc.)
  • ppm-analyses
  • Diagrammed time patterns
  • Simple inclusion of diagrams in quality reports
  • Customer, supplier and article-related compliant cost overview
  • User-specifically configurable analytic tree