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Térésa Nüsse

Tel. +49 2339 9182-214

Dynamic Enterprise Report and Information Center

DERIC processes information from all divisions and makes it available to all departments in analysed form as the latest indicators: key sales figures, production performance indicators, quality data, accounting data, key performance indicators. DERIC doesn’t care if the data come from ERP or CAQ applications or from Excel lists or data bases. At the push of a button, DERIC diagrams the data and creates illustrative analyses, time patterns or multi-year comparisons. Various settings allow individual user views. Drill-down analyses can be individually analysed in depth through the intuitive UI. A mouse click will show more details and refocus your view. The information is filtered in accordance with your own requirements.

You will get automatic status reports on a regular basis – daily, weekly, monthly; hard copies, e-mailed or diagrammed on the Intranet. Thus, you will have the latest analyses at your disposal whenever you want.


Highlights Dynamic Enterprise Report and Information Center

Graphic visualisation and analysis of company data from all departments and on all facts, e.g.:

  • Key sales figures (CRM)
  • Production performance indicators (MES/BDE)
  • Quality data (CAQ)
  • Accounting data (ERP/PPS)
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicators)


  • Performance analyses (top-ten analyses, with/without targets),
  • Time analyses (time patterns, y-o-y, multi-year comparisons)

Results as reports:

  • As graphics on the Intranet or Internet
  • Printed as daily, weekly or monthly reports
  • E-mailed or as a PDF file

Results as interactive analyses:

  • Intuitively usable, no familiarisation needed
  • Drill-down analyses as detailed as you want
  • Mouse-clickable views or zooms
  • Very fast responses in real time