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Térésa Nüsse

Tel. +49 2339 9182-214

Quality Workflow Manager · Tracking of Actions · Tracking of Defects

CASQ‑it QWM plans, controls and monitors the complaint processes of a company. Different corrective action ‘packages’ may be defined and tracked, depending on the complaint type. For each corrective action, you define how to inform the responsible persons about the actions to be taken. These requests may optionally be sent by mail. As soon as the corrective action has been carried out, the follow-up action will be triggered automatically.


Highlights Quality Workflow Manager

  • Ergonomically integrated in CASQ‑it CMEA module
  • Graphical definition interface
  • Self-definable complaint processes like customer complaint, supplier complaint, internal complaint, warranty, advisory complaint etc.
  • Conditional branch
  • Definition of measures for staff, departments, teams and cost centres
  • Measure-dependent multi-lingual e-mails phrasing with field contents from complaint and measure
  • Optimised workflow through automatic assignment of jobs to the 
next department etc.
  • Automatic mail generation with boiler plates upon creation of conclusion of measures
  • Cost input per measure with budget monitoring
  • Escalation management in the event of repeat failures
  • Preview of the planned complaint measures