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Warranty Management · Field Data Analysis

CASQ‑it Warranty Management supports the whole workflow of the field data processing: field data in very different formats is merged, qualified and subsequently evaluated with the help of layer-line diagrams, according to VDA 3.2 and the VDA volume "Field Failure Analysis".

CASQ‑it Warranty Management even goes a step further: it cleans up the data records by detecting implausible field feedbacks and thus revealing unjustified claims for recourse.

Detect Up to 70% More Implausible Field Data

Every year, German suppliers spend millions on unjustified claims for recourse: when processing field feedbacks, up to 70 % of unjustified complaints will be accepted just because they are not identified as such. On top of this, there is an enormous quantity of time needed for the manual data processing and analysis of the field data.  

This is not the case with the intelligent software tools of the CASQ‑it Warranty Management supporting in only five hours the whole workflow of the field data processing:

Identify Contestable Claims for Recourse

Via the automatic data harmonization, CASQ‑it Harmonizer summarizes all field data from the different OEM-specific formats. You can generate a uniform database, from which you may identify and filter out the unjustified claims for recourse almost at the push of a button - without any additional individual processing.

This way, the Debit Note Analyzer checks the data on plausibility. It is up to you to define what is meant by plausible or implausible. You can recognize immediately if claims have been brought twice, data records are incomplete or the field failure is already outside the warranty period. Unjustified field complaints will be identified and immediately rejected at the OEM – leading to a significant reduction of the technical factor and thus of the warranty costs.  

In the next stage, the finding of the claimed parts is performed with the help of the CASQ‑it inspection modules as specific failure finding inspection, standard and load test. In order to initiate the No-Trouble-Found process (NTF process), the further search for causes will be systematically performed using CASQ-it CMEA.

Reliable Field Data Analyses and Forecasts

Based on the cleansed data, the layer-lines diagrams according to VDA 3.2 provide a reliable picture with respect to the stable quality of your production parts. The evolution of complaints will be processed graphically enabling a targeted research into the causes in order to take the appropriate countermeasures. Supplementary effectiveness analyses monitor the success of the implemented preventive and corrective actions. And on the basis of justified field complaints you may even make forecasts regarding future field failures. 

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