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Company-Wide Available Quality Information

CASQ‑it Workflow Objects (WFOs) transfer quality information to all workstations: at the click of a button, each employee has access to quality information perfectly tuned to meet his individual needs. Company-wide available within a few seconds and always up-to-date.

Quality Information at the Click of a Button

You may store individual operations or functionalities of CASQ‑it as WFO button. Whether as shortcut on your desktop or mail attachment: a click of the WFO button automatically takes you to the quality information in the respective input or analysis screen. The WFO Wizard minimizes the familiarization period and time and effort needed to create the WFO: assign a name, select an icon and you are done!  

Process-Oriented Integration of Quality Information

A click of a button directly takes you to your individual quality indicators in the analysis center. Or click the WFO button to view the current quality level of your suppliers – even from the purchasing process.

For WFOs are so flexible they can easily be integrated into the graphical user interface of other software systems, for example your ERP system: via the WFO button, you may access supplier codes, the current quality level or the CASQ‑it supplier history directly from the ERP order form.

Flexibility turns CASQ‑it Workflow Objects into a powerful tool for unmatched information transparency across the entire company.