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Thorsten Kreter

Thorsten Kreter

Tel. +49 2339 9182-794

Staff know-how to make it work

Your QA measures’ success is dependent upon your staff’s commitment and know-how. For a successful use of your CAQ system, we organise seminars on QM theory and practice. In our training centre, technically and didactically well versed instructors impart basic QM and CASQ‑it, Office and OS  know-how. On that basis, we will then tell you all you need to know to use CASQ‑it efficiently and will impart more practical knowledge.

We also organise individual in-house trainings, geared to your sectoral and corporate needs. Our customised training packages will fully utilise your staff’s potential. After all, all our curricula are geared to the attendees – be they beginners or refreshers, workers or managers.

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