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The quality management software solution for retail

Highly compressed and absolutely transparent delivery and product information makes CASQ‑it essential for companies trading globally. CASQ‑it not only enables a responsive service and the highest quality product, but also ensures total customer satisfaction.

Competitive advantage with the CAQ Software CASQ-it

CASQ‑it can even help you when selecting suppliers with an individually configurable supplier management and performance data system. This, combined with condensed information from supplier audits creates a decision-making platform for a reliable supply chain. The CAQ system controls the approval procedure for initial sampling as well as the data collection and analysis regarding the quality of the goods you receive. CASQ‑it significantly improves service quality and customer satisfaction. The accelerated flow of information without time-consuming manual data entry and integrated reports means you are always able to immediately provide information to your customers. Graphical and tabulated figures, error focus analysis and quality development documentation allow a strategic assessment of the quality status with a few mouse clicks.


  • Integrated supplier data and evaluation system.
  • Incoming goods inspection, sampling, PPAP and approvals - also directly from the supplier.
  • Management information system: company-wide quality management information system with drill-down analyses.
  • Comprehensive quality reports at the click of a mouse or fully automatically.
  • Adjustable warning systems: immediate notification when a preset limit is exceeded.
  • Complaint and error tracking with built-in escalation management.


CASQ‑it supports your processes and complies with

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO/TS 16949
  • EN 9100 ff
  • FDA