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WEB.MES – The Completely Different MES

WEB.MES embarks on a completely new path: all MES performance features from planning to production monitoring and analysis have been combined in one module. This way, all MES performance features are available at the same working and view level. All functions are always task-related and context-aware so that the related work steps can be edited continuously – without switching or changing the module. The special structure of WEB.MES ensures a decisive lead in knowledge: information is immediately available if required by the operation or process status.

Perfectly Integrated into Your Workflow

In accordance to the VDI Guideline 5600, WEB.MES is divided into the sections “Planning”, “Orders” and “Analysis”. The fourth section “Organization” centralizes the management information. All MES functions for order management, detailed planning and fine-tuning, resource and material management, human resources management, quality management, data acquisition and performance analysis are logically assigned to these categories – fully implemented in a single module.  

MES nach VDI 5600