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Identify Potential for Improvement with WEB.MES

MES Analysen und Kennzahlen

Each and every production provides optimization potential. It’s all about recognizing this potential in order to make the right decisions. For sustainable cost-saving concepts, for more efficiency, guaranteed quality and intelligent use of resources. The key performance indicators and analyses resulting from WEB.MES that can be drilled down allow a targeted causal research of possible weak points in the production process and reliably detect unexploited resources.  

Dynamic Key Performance Indicators for Production Optimization

The analyses in WEB.MES form the basis for an objective assessment.  On the one hand side, for rapid decision-making having an immediate impact on your production. For WEB.MES processes the incoming information from production to a short-term assessment of the course of the process and the organization and product quality. On the other hand, the analyses and key performance indicators are the basis for strategic management decisions. WEB.MES provides key performance indicators according to the VDMA standard sheet 66412 and ISO/DS 22400­2. 

For an even more target-oriented control of production, you may compare the key performance indicators for a given date or over a certain analysis period – in shift, daily, weekly and monthly protocols. Long-term archives for order and machine data complete your information portfolio. 

Transparent Process Evaluation

  • Key Performance Indicators according to the VDMA standard sheet 66412 and ISO/DS 22400-2
  • Analyses of the degree of utilization and downtimes
  • Shift, daily, weekly and monthly protocols
  • Subscribable reports
  • Drill-down analyses in any detail depth
  • Individual analyses according to individual needs
  • Comparison of simulations
  • Intuitive export function according to MS Office
  • Long-time archive for machine and order data
  • Log for machines and machine groups
  • Resource history
  • Production history