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Transparent Production Monitoring with WEB.MES

MES Fertigungsmonitoring

With WEB.MES, you have the complete overview of all operations in your production processes. For the MES solution records all relevant production data, merges it and provides a reality-oriented view on production in overviews and key performance indicators.      

Information in Real-Time

With its real-time monitoring in the production cockpit, WEB.MES monitors the effective implementation of the detailed planning. All the information, all the data and status from the individual production areas transparently converge in a single screen view - your online process image without any delay.

WEB.MES immediately reacts to unplanned events: critical orders turn red. Reasons for downtime as well as time and duration of interruptions report in detail on the current production situation. In parallel, WEB.MES starts the alarm management – from automatically sent SMS and e­mails to independently generated maintenance order for failed machines. 

Online Terminal for Production

MES Gruppenterminal 3D

The one-to-one online hall plan offers an optimal orientation for the employees in production. This innovative pseudo 3D view clearly reflects your production: with real pictures of your machines, placed as background image on the actual hall floor. Via the group or individual terminal, the worker reports total and partial quantities, production events and reasons for interruption. In addition to that, he starts, interrupts or finishes production orders and logs on to the terminal or off from it – in a simple and intuitive user interface.

Effective Production Feedback

  • Group terminal with a clearly arranged hall plan
  • Machine terminal including an optimized worker interface
  • Automatic, semi-automatic, manual data acquisition
  • Data acquisition via touchscreen for approved/rejected quantity, rework and reasons for downtime
  • Plausibility check for incoming data
  • Partial quantity feedback
  • Subsequent commenting
  • Subsequent data acquisition, for example staggered shift times
  • Hierarchical recording of defects and malfunctions via catalogue

Reliable Production Control

  • Central production cockpit for the production management
  • Real-time monitoring including machine status, reasons for downtime, quantities and assigned orders
  • Permanent target/actual comparison
  • Time accounts overview
  • Calculation of the remaining time
  • Machine runtime diagram including visualization of failure
  • Integrated alarm management
  • Feedback to the ERP/PPS system