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Térésa Nüsse

Tel. +49 2339 9182-214

Simplify Processes with WEB.MES

All detailed information on plants, orders, machinery, tools, basis for maintenance and personnel centrally come together in WEB.MES organization and form the basis for your work with WEB.MES. MES manages your master data-specific documents and makes them automatically available as required. At the same time, you define here the parameters for the company-specific orientation of WEB.MES, for example your individual online hall plan for the MES terminal.     

Use Data Efficiently

MES transfers all relevant information, like production orders, parts lists or material master data from your ERP system and processes the information as planning, production and analysis basis.

You may just as easily connect any further subsystem to WEB.MES, from maintenance software down to human resources. The bidirectional interface automatically returns relevant information from WEB.MES to the involved software systems.    

The range of functions regarding human resources, machine, resource and tool management and maintenance planning is so wide that WEB.MES may act as comprehensive solution for these tasks, without supporting subsystems.   

Central Settings

  • Management of plants and sites
  • Configuration of hall plans, reasons for interruptions, user rights
  • „„Update of factory calendars
  • Event definition for the alarm management
  • „„Machine-specific planning data like performance factors and cycle times
  • Definition of new machine signals
  • Tool management
  • Maintenance of resource information
  • „„Update of repair plans and maintenance instructions
  • „„Keeping of a maintenance history
  • „„Personnel management: master data, working hours, creation and update of qualification profiles
  • including monitoring of workstations
  • „„Recording of different shift models
  • Management of production orders
  • „„Management of material master data
  • „„Provision of work plans and parts lists