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Optimal Planning with WEB.MES

MES Feinplanung

The optimal utilization of production, the maximum date reliability, the reduction of set-up times and actual order execution times: just to name a few examples of the numerous benefits of a reliable detailed planning in your production.

WEB.MES supports you with an intuitive detailed planning and micro controlling using numerous automatic functions relieving you from your routine tasks and allowing you to fully concentrate on an optimal production process.

Recognize Resources, Optimize Processes

Orders and operations are transferred from your ERP/PPS system to the pool of orders. On this basis, you conveniently start the detailed planning via Drag & Drop or WEB.MES automatically assigns the orders in the best way possible.

The integrated resource management manages all the information regarding personnel, machines, tools and material and provides the information in planning. This way, WEB.MES takes into account all influencing variables. The digital planning board provides a highly precise comprehensive overview of all production orders, personnel and tool deployment and maintenance orders.

WEB.MES directly highlights planning conflicts in simulations and shows alternative production processes, between which you can choose the optimum assignment for live operation.

Optimized Planning

  • Transfer of orders from ERP/PPS
  • Taking into account of production targets
  • Provision and taking into account of all relevant information on orders, machines, personnel and resources
  • Dynamic reaction to production events or rush orders
  • Graphical detailed planning
  • Variable planning periods
  • Automatic planning
  • Planning via Drag & Drop
  • Simulation of planning scenarios
  • Linked operations
  • Display of split and collective orders as well as multi-level production orders
  • Visualization of planning conflicts
  • Machine utilization plan
  • Maintenance plan
  • Generation of maintenance orders