Contact Person

Térésa Nüsse

Tel. +49 2339 9182-214

Intuitive Operation for Your Production Team

With its specific user interface, WEB.MES is designed for easy use and maximum clarity – for maximum support of production processes and the improvement of the workflow.

Innovative Terminal 
Thanks to the innovative pseudo 3D view of the WEB.MES group terminal, your employees will immediately find their way in the software. The one-to-one presentation of your production using original pictures of your machines, placed on your hall floor, provide an optimal orientation for your employees. Individual machines, machine groups and whole production lines will always be in sight.

Maximum Transparency 
WEB.MES is characterized by an optimized graphical user interface designed especially for operators and machine operators. The terminal clearly displays the corresponding order details, the machine status following the traffic light principle and an overview of the total order quantity, the approved quantity, rework and scrap quantities.  

Optimized Production Feedback 
The machine operators easily log on or off via the touchscreen to report their activities, the reasons for interruption or partial or quantities – in a very easy and clear way.