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Térésa Nüsse

Tel. +49 2339 9182-214

Transparent Production Monitoring for Your Production Management

WEB.MES is the MES for decision-makers. WEB.MES independently transfers information between the individual MES tasks, sets internal and external information into relation, regroups results and provides any information for more than one area – your transparent overview of the entire production.

Optimized Production Planning
WEB.MES saves you time-consuming routine work and, at the same time, facilitates the internal operational coordination, for example, by scheduling and coordinating repair orders or automatically determining the assignment of orders in the digital planning table. 

Reliable Real-Time Monitoring
WEB.MES reflects your production processes without delay. All the information, all the data and status from the individual production areas transparently converge in a single screen view and are completed by currently updated productivity ratios. 

Integrative Information Management
WEB.MES immediately reacts to unplanned production events. Critical orders turn red, reasons for downtime as well as time and duration of interruptions are immediately visible. In parallel, WEB.MES starts the alarm management – from automatically sent SMS and e­mails to independently generated maintenance orders for failed machines.